Friday, December 30, 2011


Hopefully the past few days were spent enjoying quality time with those you love most.  Meals, movies, and general holiday madness - the good kind of course!  And as we chart our new path to 2012, there may be more than a few beloved new gifts strewn along the way that have yet to find a home of their own.  After a long struggle with how to enjoy a peaceful, orderly, yet lived in home -  and some great help along the way - I had a light bulb moment a few days before Christmas.  The (simple) solution is that every single item must have a home of its own. Now I see that if something is out of place it is because from the start it never had a consistent home.  And adding more things without a proper spot in mind will quickly turn into mayhem. Change does not happen overnight, but our thinking can. For a jump start check out these great ideas, or take a peek at this organizational eye candy.  Taking the time to think about where things should go, instead of running around in circles, is a real joy. Home sweet home! P.S. Looking for a fantastic professional organizer in the Princeton, NJ area? Contact Sword Solutions at


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