Monday, April 30, 2012


This is one of those "if I can do it anyone can" type posts. It is extremely easy for me to come up with a million and one reasons why I simply cannot get exercise on any given day - and all the reasons sound quite convincing, very sincere, and usually totally true.

Among them: zero time, absolutely must do xy or z, and sometimes just too darn tired. So a post about exercise-induced euphoria seems wildly out of character, but the feeling is too fabulous to keep under wraps.

For those on this path already, I count you among my inspiration. For others, here's a few secret weapons I have stockpiled to clear my own path to health and happiness. Escape routes are everywhere so this list is an (almost foolproof) way to keep myself moving and grooving.

Get your Gear On:
Keep athletic clothes in a dedicated place so that when the time is right everything is there, down to the hair ties, socks, sneaks, and headphones. I love the Power Y Tank and Groove Pant for any kind of action. And rev up a yoga practice with the Agility Pant from the super cool company Be Present.

Listen Up:
The right songs are a surefire way to set off that necessary spark. This play list is my current fave and leaves me ready to take on the world, or at least the day. Check out Run Hundred for a monthly refresher. Sync those smart phones and Move like Jagger!

Carve it Out:
Time is golden in all our days, so looking for huge chunks to dedicate to exercise is the fastest route to defeat. 15 minutes can make a big impact on body and mind, and here's a sample of how to work some quick magic.

Stay Inspired:
Find those special people who walk the walk and try to learn from them. We all have different strengths and most are happy to share their insight. Check out these two fabulous women I am lucky enough to know: Meredith and Lara - they both shine a very bright light. LIVESTRONG and Team in Training are two places that are near and dear and provide mountains of motivation.

A Place to Be:
Last but not least, try to schedule an exercise class (hopefully a favorite) for once a week. If you get off track on your own, it's never too far with a weekly check in. Try to find one that really breaks a sweat, it does a body good!

Monday, April 16, 2012


With Spring in the air comes a spring in our step.  Bust open those sheds or storage spots and bring out the gear. Brush off the bikes, joggers, scooters, frisbees, jump ropes, chalk and any other buried treasure from those winter months.  Pass along or donate any outgrown gear and make room to use and enjoy what you have.  Keep the boots around for some puddle jumping too...hopefully soon.
Happy Spring!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


An eye-opening session with the "Table Topics" Family Cube turned last night's dinner on its head.  We received this as a gift a few years ago, and the one time I cracked it open it landed like a dud.  I kept it on a pantry shelf for another time down the road and happened to see it while grabbing some cups last night.  On a whim I whipped out a few cards and was truly astounded to tune into some of the thoughts, ideas, and opinions served up by the kiddos.  The Family Edition is described as "a fun mix of age appropriate questions ranging from silly to thought-provoking...with questions specially designed to engage kids in the art of conversation."  Though I wouldn't opt for every day, it's a great way to connect, reconnect and learn a ton about each other.

Friday, April 6, 2012


It is written time and time again not to eat while standing or on-the-go,  but it can be so tempting (and easy) to do.  After a while, like any bad habit, it becomes the norm.

Take just a few minutes to sit and eat a healthful meal for a small moment of nirvana.  At home, work, or out and about, take a seat and bon appetit!

Monday, April 2, 2012


There is nothing quite like that first birthday candle as your babe takes in their first round of Happy Birthday. Big Bro and Sis to help blow it out - and a room full of wishes for the littlest one. It's a definitely one of those "stop and enjoy" moments in life.  And the "enjoy" part was even easier thanks to a new web discovery - Make it Mine Parties.  I had Peter Rabbit on the brain for the little guy and was able to find the sweetest plates, cups, napkins and cupcake toppers.  And the customer service was out of this world!  Check out their site for tons of birthday party and entertaining ideas.  Lots of goodies in a one-stop-shop.
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