Thursday, September 20, 2012


The change of season never fails to thrill.  And in the fall, the kitchen takes on a new role - it is now the source of comfort food like this divine soup.  Now is also a good time to re-stock and re-evaluate the pantry and gadgets - and dust off the crock pot for sure.

Years ago, a simple purchase on a lark at one of my favorite stores in the world, has made the cut for countless seasons. It just might be my favorite thing in the kitchen: my dual timer.  While there are lots of digital models around,  I am a fan of the mechanical kind which I have discovered are a bit more scarce.  After some surfing I just found this version by Taylor which looks super.  Timing two things at once never looked so good!
PS: I could only find it sold as a pack of 3 - keep one and check two presents of the list!


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