Sunday, May 13, 2012


On my nightstand sits a sweet saying that reads "Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest room in our hearts."  It often stops me in my tracks, but on Mother's Day, the words ring even more true.

My mother's most lasting impressions are, upon reflection, quite simple by nature but monumental in effect: the way she cracked my window every night to "let in the air fairies" she taught me to rub noses for an Eskimo Kiss...and the incredibly soothing touch of a cool washcloth on my forehead when I was under the weather. But most of all, it is when I tuck in the children that I feel her most close.

It is amazing to me how the words to the three lullabies she sang me each night lay twenty years forgotten, but came back in an instant the day our first child was born. I now sing those same songs nightly, and think of her each and every time.  Love is the greatest gift in the world to give, and hers is infinite.  Thank you Mom for everything and Happy Mother's Day to all!


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