Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Kids grow up.  While that may not be news, why am I still surprised?  I happen to be heading to the college graduation of a dear nephew I met as a true tyke, so I've got it on the mind. As his Aunt, I know the wonder that he is a grad probably pales to that of his superbly-loving mom, but it still gives me much pause.

I am all at once incredibly proud and incredibly amazed at how time really does fly.  In the midst of piles and papers and recitals and report cards and birthdays and camps and on and on, the whole process is a march to adulthood.   I am so thankful to have had this moment to reflect on that bigger picture.

I attended a blog conference this past weekend where I heard many informative speakers.  But it was a moment with one of the sponsors, Care.com (which is fab by the way!), that rocked my world.  The company is launching a Confidence Campaign this summer and asked us attendees to answer on a white board: What's the one thing you want your children to know when they walk out the door each morning?  My on-the-spot answer: Be the best that you can be and know you are loved.

I have of course changed my answer in my head ten times since - but what I do know for sure is after all those mornings my nephew walked out the door, whatever it is that he knew, he certainly is the best! Congratulations T xo


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