Tuesday, February 21, 2012


A Dark Amber pint of maple syrup so kindly brought to us all the way from Gillingham's General Store in Woodstock, Vermont has started quite the chain reaction in our house.   Weekend pancake breakfast is now elevated to superior status with this luscious addition.  The new syrup inspired me to try out a new pancake recipe worthy of such a topping (even made dairy free these are five star),  and our juicer is now dust-free and loving the attention.  I figured out to chill the juice-filled glasses in the freezer while breakfast prep is under way - and the sweet shot of fresh OJ makes for the perfect companion.  A few fresh strawberries and a side of Sunday Bacon round out the plate for a heavenly family breakfast.  Best of all?
We think fondly of the gift-giver with every pour...

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