Wednesday, February 8, 2012


That headline glared at me this morning from the cover of a parenting magazine.

I often embrace the old, but when I saw those words in bold print it dawned on me - it's time to embrace the new.

Case in point: I love my moleskin planner...I REALLY do.  I also love mechanical pencils, crossing out to-do lists, and seeing a schedule in detail on paper.

Reality? Forgetting to take the moleskin in and out of my bag each and every time I leave or arrive home leads to many missed moments in a day and lots and LOTS of to-do's and dates circling in my head - and all the while my smart phone sits patiently by my side.

In the past I'd lament my inability to "get it right".  As of this morning? This modern mom is jumping in full throttle to an app I reluctantly tried before  - Cozi.  The tag line reads: Family Life. Simplified.

Sounds good to me!  Cozi is completely free and is an "online organizer and mobile app that helps busy families manage their jam-packed lives...includes a shared calendar, shopping lists, to-do lists" and more.

As modern as I may try to be - I still believe a home paper calendar is a must - a nightly coordination of the two should do the trick.  Simple, right?


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