Friday, February 17, 2012


Don't get me wrong - I would never turn down a get-a-way.  However, a delightful jaunt today with the three kids-in-tow made me appreciate the simple pleasures of being right at home on vacation. The term "staycation" has always seemed a bit forced to me, but it is exactly what popped into my mind as I reveled in our breezy stroll through town.  It started with the big kids joining the little man for his music class - which was forty-five minutes of pure enjoyment for all of us - and something that could never have happened without a day off from school.  Afterward we parked in town, grabbed a snack at the local coffee shop, then hit up the local library for some Star Wars and Harry Potter reads.  Our walk ended at an amazing new general store where the Valentine's loot from the grandparents was spent with feverish excitement. Sometimes there really is no place like home.  Happy Weekend!


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