Monday, January 9, 2012


Who knew the kitchen could be so fun? While the making, preparing, (and most often scrambling) for meals can feel relentless, these superbly fitting aprons can make the process a whole lot more fun.  A contemporary counterpart to their frilly predecessor, these A-line canvas aprons by birdkage are part utilitarian and wholly fashionista.  I was kindly gifted one a while back and loved it so much I had to head over to my sister-in-law Jane's amazing shop to pick up a few more.  Made of 100 percent canvas, with a double front pocket fitted with "sailcloth" grommets, the NYC-based designer Courtney Kivela sought "accessories that move seamlessly from the thick of the party to the heat of the kitchen and back again." Whether it's Monday night with the kids or Saturday night with friends she's got you covered in style.  Bon appetit!


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