Friday, January 13, 2012


Much like Dorothy, the thoughts of the early morning scramble for gear can frighten the best of us.  Hunting down a lost glove or rain boot while trying to catch the school bus is no way to start the day - believe me, I know!

So, in an attempt to foster a sense of autonomy for the kiddos, yet have there be at least a fighting chance they can find what they need - when they need it - we needed a plan.  Fast.

All the hooks in the world don't mean a thing if little ones can't reach.  Think - what would the kids do? - and organize accordingly.

For us that means a heavy duty basket inside a window bench to house the endless peels of layers upon homecoming (jackets, gloves, hats, scarves, raincoats, backpacks) with space left to the side for one pair of boots and one pair of school shoes each.

Miraculously, once contained, these items wait patiently to start all over in the morning.  It's too cold, too rainy, and just too darn early to not strive for smooth sailing.

PS: Don't forget one of these!


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