Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sometimes (just sometimes) an impulse purchase can lead to years of satisfaction...and such is the case with the Deadly Squire Tray.  The extra-large size and super-cool pattern are what caught my eye initially, but now its million-and-one uses are what I enjoy most.  Use it to carry dinner outside on those great summer nights - or as of late - to bring dinner from the kitchen to dine in the family room if the (Giants) are calling. Wherever you are heading - this tray will transport what you need in style.  And my most recent spot for it has turned it into a mommy "transformer" of sorts: use it as centerpiece on the kitchen table, then a serving spot for family-style meals, and finally load up post-dinner carnage on top and head straight to the sink. Check out the site to see some other cool products from this husband and wife design team on a mission.


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